VM TiVo Net Remote

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Versions - Windows

V1.00 (20/11/2012)

Beta Versions






Full Version 1.00 now available.

The VM TiVo Net Remote allows you to control your Virgin Media TiVo box from a PC running Windows with .NET version 4.0 or above installed.

Your VM TiVo must be running firmware 15.2 or above, be connected to your home network via the Ethernet port at the back of the TiVo, and have Network Remote Control enabled from the settings menu.

Use your keyboard to type in TiVo search boxes.  Use shortcut keys to access all TiVo remote commands, or click on the Virtual Remote to send that command to your TiVo.

Missing the reminder functionality you had on V+ box?  Set up reminders in the application and it will automatically change the channel on your TiVo just like the V+ did.


Change History


First full release version

* Can maximise the application so that its easier to Navigate the TV Guide
* TV Guide now uses the new TV Anywhere TV Guide
* Button to navigate to the Manage TiVo section on the TV Anywhere website
* Minimise to system tray
* Added ability to put the box into Standby and out of Standby
* Jump directly to My Shows correctly
* Prevent more than one instance of the application running at once
* From the File Menu specify whether to start the application in a minimized state.



Added reminders.  Can now set up the application to change to a specified channel at a specified time and date (PC must running the application at time of reminder to change your TiVo).

Made changes to the TvGuide link to try and address the blank screen bug.

Added support for Coloured Buttons (CTRL+1 RED - CTRL+4 BLUE)


Fixed slow response when clicking buttons on virtual remote.
Automatically connects to last TiVo it was connected to.

- v0.03

Add shortcut keys
Add Tooltips
Save Last IP Address
Add VM Online TV Guide
Add TiVo Icons

- v0.02

Add Channel List

- v0.01

Initial Version


This application is designed to run on Windows XP/Vista/7
- .NET 4.0 must be installed

Your TiVo should be connected to your Home Network via the Ethernet port.
Your TiVo should have network remote control enabled.


Simply add your TiVo IP address and click Connect.
Typing keys will send to the TiVo. Useful for entering text in Searching for Programs and on the new YouTube App.

Following Shortcut keys provide the following functions
CTRL+H - Home
CTRL+G - TV Guide
CTRL+P - Play
CTRL+S - Stop
CTRL+M - My Shows
CTRL+V - Pause
CTRL+R - Record
CTRL+L - Last Channel
CTRL+I - Info
CTRL+U - Thumbs Up
CTRL+D - Thumbs Down
CTRL+F - Skip
CTRL+B - Skip Back
CTRL+X - Slow
CTRL+LEFT - Rewind
CTRL+RIGHT - Fast Forward

DELETE - Clear
+ - Channel Up
- - Channel Down
1 to 9 - Send corresponding Number
A to Z - Send corresponding Key when in a text search (Search TV, YouTube search etc.)

You can click on remote button too to send the command.

channellist.txt can be amended to add or remove channels from the channel list box.

Setting Reminders

You can now set the application to change the channel on your TiVo box at a specific time and date using the reminders

This can be found under FILE>REMINDERS

Simple enter the date, time and select the channel and add this to the reminders with the Add button. You can
enter a comment for each reminder too, however this is optional.

Provided that the application is running on your PC at the time of the reminder, it will then change the channel
just like the V+ box did.

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